Mazzé Industrial Shed

Mazzè Industrial Shed


Location: Mazzé (TO)                                                                             
Designer: Marco Clozza
Status: Finished
Opened: 2011
Products used: Delta 5, Star, Ampex

The building located in the Mazzé industrial area is a shining example of the structure/coating construction technique: consisting of a structure of galvanized steel beams and columns, it makes extensive use of polyurethane sandwich panels. The development of the roof and the appearance of the external walls are the fundamental elements that determine the image of this industrial building; a volumetrically dynamic prism, characterized by perimeter walls that flare outwards and link up a following gutter line inclined to the ground.

The use of S/R construction techniques allowed a total freedom of the façade composition giving the product a great dynamism.



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