Thanks to partnerships with the most important production and marketing companies of polycarbonate products, we are able to support the design and supply of the most suitable material to meet the need to "Bring Light" into the environment.

    The commercialized profiles adapt like a glove to metal sheets or panels (such as RW 1000, SL 940, Delta / Kappa 3 panels - Delta / Kappa 5, Lithos 5, and many others), but not only, in case of particular designs / projects the technical office is able to formulate the feasibility of the profile (subject to verification of quantities).

    Polycarbonate is the ideal product to create translucent and flat roofs and curves, able to meet the needs of "transparency" both functional and aesthetic.

    Peculiarity of the product

    - UV protection
    - Fire Certification
    - Thermal and Acoustic insulation
    - High mechanical strength

    The modular systems in UV protected alveolar polycarbonate are, as today, thanks to continuous research and the utmost attention to current regulations, the concrete response to modern construction solutions. Complete flat and curved systems thanks to their modularity guarantee an extreme ease of installation allowing the fast realization of fixed and open vertical and horizontal windows, shelters and tunnels.

    The construction process makes it possible to produce corrugated sheets in polycarbonate to create transparent coverings, guaranteeing high load capacity, transparency and perfect impermeability. The unique characteristics of the polycarbonate guarantee, thanks to its optical properties a high light transmission value, the process of constructing the systems also allows the application of a high concentration UV absorption layer ensuring durability and a ten year warranty.

    The honeycomb structures studied for each product, guarantee not only the absolute flatness of the surface but, above all, guarantee excellent thermal insulation characteristics to the product. The polycarbonate products ensure excellent self-extinguishing properties (class 1), are drip-free and do not contribute, in the event of a fire, to the propagation of the flame and harmful gases, tests carried out at the most important certification authorities guarantee high resistance to impact, accidental damage or vandalism of modular polycarbonate systems.

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